Do you Know Your Self Worth?

Remember when you were a kid and there was that was just one kid that you gravitated towards? They were the funny one, the one that didn’t seem to give a damn what anyone thought of them. They showed the world that they weren’t giving up on their own identity for anything. Sadly, in way too many cases this is more for show, with an insecurity hidden beneath it all. But, that kid was holding on to their sense of identity for all that they were worth, as they should! And, us bystanders to their freedom, wished to have that confidence in who we were too.

What, or Who decides your worth?

Was there a moment that you decided you were or weren’t worthy of living the life you imagined for yourself? Nobody teaches you how to love yourself more. This is a weighted subject so I will try to go easy. What I know is this.
There are 2 absolute truths here.
First Truth:  is that we ALL feel unworthy at some point in our lives.
Second Truth:  is, we all are worthy. This is not debatable. There is no argument.
You, are worthy.
It is life’s greatest sadness that we struggle so much to see this. We should know this intrinsically through anything that life throws at us, but instead we make ourselves small.

There is a truth inside all of us. When you still your mind for long enough to let it through, to separate what you are made to believe is true to what your soul’s truth is, you will see this. You will see the way out .

with love,Gabriela

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