What do you believe? Your beliefs often become calcified and stuck. You must clear the blocks of clutter, limitations, beliefs, etc. that get in the way of being more intuitive. The subconscious mind holds up to 137 trillion bits of information and remembers everything. It runs the show! It’s also in our DNA.


Can you clean up old traumas, fears, and patterns that no longer serve you? The subconscious knows what’s really wrong. No matter what you suffer from; fear, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, digestive issues, pains, imbalances, the subconscious mind can reveal all the emotional baggage that are the bad habits, limitations, fears, stressors, etc. They are in every disease process! Sometimes that contributes and sometimes they are the ROOT cause. Cancer is a symptom of suppresed emotions and manifest in your life as an illness. It is something bigger that needs to be addressed for true lasting healing.

We are made of energy. Every emotion has a certain vibration. Some higher and some much lower. Most of the lower ones can easily get trapped and lower your vibration, your sense of inner power and creativity, and contribute to dis-ease and chaos in your life. The first step is to find out where you are stuck, what is blocking you, where do you feel off?


Whether it’s emotional or physical, it’s important to clear your energy field. Thoughts are translated into our chemistry. If you dwell on negativity, or what’s wrong, or your fears, identify it! Say it. Then say something entirely opposite. Can you claim it, believe it? Quantum physics is proving all of this now. Be mindful of your thoughts. Release your fear, which can show up as many lower emotions – like dread, anger, shame, guilt, ridicule, uncertainty, etc.

Our assumptions can limit us. We often don’t see the BIGGER picture with complete details. We will get reality confirming events and experiences happen to us to justify and solidify our limiting beliefs. It makes it even harder to uncover the root cause. Emotions that are shattering, shocking, can easily get trapped and reoccur, easily getting triggered. Distraction, anxiety, depression, etc. is more about who I believe I am and how am I deficient. Am I not good enough, strong enough, wise enough, loved enough? Not empowered?


Our natural state is ease, peace, love, compassion, joy, pure awareness. If you are not experiencing that, you have some inner work to do. You need a reset. You need to relax into who you truly are. Being greedy, self-centered, needy, etc. is when your EGO is out of control, running the show. Being a bully, aggressive, or judgmental is really from deep suffering.


The more we wake up spiritually, the more we realize that we are all connected. What’s good for me must be good for everyone! It’s required for peace and happiness. Can you honor your Spirit? Get behind or under all the baggage. Start with your Spirit and work down, not the other way around as it influences the Heart/Mind connection.

We often feel worthless unless we are busy and doing something. That is not relaxing into who you truly are. The ‘decider’ is under the pressure and influence of our social structure. We get separated from who we TRULY are. We feel dense, stuck, contracted, opaque when we are separated from our divine nature.


We think joy comes from external means. It’s harder when we are in our left-brain, analytical mind. Our intention gets clouded, and we go into fear and perceived limitations. We tend to judge, label, assume, project, and avoid responsibility. Fear is anything that limits love and joy! It affects our DNA. When you notice subtle signals, ask yourself ‘Why Am I feeling this way?” “What’s really going on?’  If you get or hear a lie, you feel a contraction, not an expansion. Pay attention to what’s really going on. Old triggers that are trapped keep reappearing until they get resolved. So, if you have reoccurring events or situations in your life, it’s time to get in touch with the subconscious mind and innate intelligence. Find out what’s driving it.


We have to address our issues that limit our capacity to trust that it is safe enough, we are strong enough. But to do this we have to address our issues that limit us and limit our ability to trust! Who does that distrust belong to? Is it yours? Your ancestors? Your family’s belief? Or is it something that happened in our culture, in our ancestors, trauma in the collective field?


When we ask Spirit, we get guidance, wisdom, insights. We step into our empowerment and accept our responsibility for creating or magnetizing these events in order to evolve and learn from them. To move out of fear as need to go into our Heart Space – the feelings of love and compassion. Synchronicities, serendipity, hunches, and insights increase. We become clearer! We release the ‘ego’ mind chatter to know intuitively what you need to know or do. Universal wisdom reveals the cosmology of a science of love, its healing ability, and our understanding of ‘wholeness’, or oneness. Remembering our interconnect to ALL.


It’s a relaxing into the real ‘YOU’ that thinks we need to push, try, and do to make things happen the way WE think they should. If you are filled with life, vitality, joy, and passion, you are not in fear. Can you say, ‘I am beautiful, loving, creative, and grateful for everything?’


To bring loving awareness to the natural fluidity of life, we can use gratitude. It’s a very high frequency, just like appreciate, praise, and love. Your immune system will also thrive!


If all else fails, just breathe deep into your body, even down to your toes. Sense your feet, feel into your body, be grounded. When you do you switch on more awareness of the body. Get a perspective to be more present, wiser, patient, more intuitive. Life becomes a joy and an adventure! It’s time to move forward, not dragging the baggage of the past with you as it only weighs you down. Lighten UP! Enjoy life more.


With Biofield Clearing we can easily access the subconscious mind, with the assistance of our Higher Self, our Guides, Angels, Ancestors, etc. to know what is really underneath our persistent challenges. Bringing them into our conscious awareness, we can easily neutralize and release them. The more we clear up the old baggage, the lighter we become. We get more aligned with our true innate nature, our empowered Divine Self! Life becomes more magical, and joyful. We are no longer being weighed down, limited or stuck. We might have numerous things to clear out, but it gets easier and easier as we go. Our sense of Self blossoms! It is a delight to experience and witness when we can assist others in this process of knowing their true nature.

"With 15 years of transformative journey she learned the central theme for her coaching, mentoring and healing philosophy is everything possible, until it's done".

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