Who I am and how I can support  you to stop feeling trapped, unhappy and reliant on external world to give you permission to change your life.

I am an Intuitive Life Coach, NLP practitioner and Master Healer of Biofield Clearing Energy with many other modalities under my belt. 

 Why I do What I do Now( About the programs and methods you have developed.)

I have been on the awaking path seeking home, not feeling like I belong anywhere, reject, not loved and so on… So, I left the country I was born and raised in and crossed oceans to the UK. I began healing my wounds in books, in mysticism, philosophy, in shamanism, in relationships, reading cards, in meditation, channelled different light beings, in women circles, different countries, dimensions, certificates, diploma, physical training, you name it… all that searching gave me so many lessons and directed me to look inside more because that’s the only place where all the answers lied for me.

That why I decided support others in their searching journey WHO THEY ARE ? WHY ARE THEY COME HERE? WHERE ARE THEY GOING? You will be able find pin point of your own block after transformational sessions, courses, workshops or retreats. You will be able to hear more clearly your inner guidance and lead your life in way as you wish not others. I strongly believe, you have a power to create your own reality, I am here to support you . Your relevant experience in the field and working with clients to solve their problems.


Hi, I’m Gabriela

Gabriela calling in life is to help you to put down the heavy emotional loads you’re carrying, to live a happier, healthier life free of emotion ties and burdens. Giving you the tools to manage long after your transformative session .

Who I am ?

Gabriela started these highly transformative journey after experiencing a deep and spiritual awakening while living close to nature. In those 10 years, she learned the central theme for her coaching, mentoring, and healing philosophy is everything is possible ,until its done.

​She realised, is Not being loved and Not allowing loving to be unconditional is the source of our biggest pains and challenges in life. ​

Through her own healing and opening, Gabriela was able to overcome significant childhood trauma ,being rejected from her biological mother and father when she was 3 months old (and more)and step fully into a life mission and joy.
Although Gabriela’s process of healing was slow and tedious, she’s designed “The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul “mind, Body, Spirit” to be different. ​

The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul “Mind, Body, Spirit” wasn’t designed for fast track ,was created for Deep Release from your DNA and Inner Healing .

You heal from the past, open your heart, unblock all the uncomfortable points in your life, and step forward with joy and purpose. ​ You may have done a lot of personal development and healing work on your own. Today it’s time to experience a deeper level of growth than you ever thought possible.                    

with love,


I’ve been so long where you are with your struggles,

I know how hard it can be!

it took me years to ….

but I found solutions and things that work.
And now it’s my mission to sharing them with people like you.

You’ve come to the right place!

My WHY for be Your Own Medicine!

I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to tap into our own “inner kingdom and heal from all the crutches and become automatic medicine for ourselves“.  This is Why I tapped into myself after long struggles of anxiety, phobias, anger, rejection, childhood trauma…and searching for all of life’s answers. I spent several years healing my mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Those 3 aspects are really essential to thrive through life. I found out after my journey of struggle is that we are all going through a hard time in life and we all need to support one another.. I decided to tap into my inner wisdom and find a way to heal myself on a physical level, that is when I became a Personal Trainer (Physical healing of the body). On an emotional level, I started tapping into my heart where I didn’t feel heard, seen or understood. When my mindset changed I felt like I needed to change my story ,beliefs and patterns from the past but suddenly my spiritual expression was suppressed .My soul and spirit were out of alignment.  I felt disconnected, so I started my holistic healing journey. It gave my soul a feeling of relief and it brought me more happiness and that is when I found my real purpose in life . 


 I believe that ….

Everything is possible, until its done

I know, if you allow yourself to stop for a minute, and reflect what is working in your life and what’s  not, then you will be able to see your repeating patterns or limiting beliefs clearly. Filling the cup of your life force energy is priority because without full cup ,you wont be able to encourage yourself to see the higher version of yourself. That’s why my biggest intention, is support you during your awaking and transformation process in your life.   

What clients say about working with me:

“I greatly and thoroughly enjoyed working with Gabriela. Her sessions really helped me make a lot of changes in my life and discover a lot of crucial things and matters about myself. Gabriela helped me really look at my strengths and really experience them. She also raised my attention to obstacles and challenges I never really noticed before. Gabriela is warm and inspires trust. At no point did I ever felt judged or criticized. Gabriela listened to me and gave me space to reflect. Working with Gabriela I achieved a lot more than I initially aimed for and I am really grateful for that. Gabriela has a unique coaching style that I can see suited only for Gabriela and her challenging techniques are ever so gentle but extremely efficient.! Following Gabriela’s sessions I feel more powerful than ever, more committed to myself and more confident.”


November 2021


Thank you!! I really enjoyed it Biofield Clearing Energy Session and was just what I needed. Everything you said while doing the healing I resonated and connected with. The healing felt deep and profound on a cellular level. I loved the dancing at the end with the drumming music and felt energised after that and felt it did integrate the healing. Thank you for holding this space and the work you do. I was able to connect with my guides and higher self and received intuitive messages as well. Thank you thank you thank you! Lots of love, Tam ♥♥✨


February 2024



“I’m really grateful I got in touch with Gabriela. Her approach of coaching through intuition and spirituality has really struck a cord. Gabriela’s very approachable, calm and highly intuitive.

I came into the process with no expectations and no clear goal, but each session brought both very naturally, and we navigated towards the goal very organically, leaving me at each end of the sessions with a better understanding of various personal hurdles, as well as new perspective and tools to overcome and move forward.

It’s been a very natural and deep journey for me and Gabriela’s method and kindness have been key. As a fellow student barely starting my journey, I can say that Gabriela is already a great reference and mentor, and has also helped me see clearer in how I also want to approach my own coaching style and fields.”


January 2022


“”Gabi has proved she is gifted when it comes to intuition and using a unique loving approach to coaching.

The sessions I had with her where surprisingly great and enlightening (to my curious but sceptical mind). She led smoothly to a deep exploration of my chosen topics.
Some things I already kind of knew and others were brought to light in a very spontaneous way, like inner child work and opening the path to my intuition.
More than I could hope for! I find working with her very easy and supportive.
An G,

January ,2022

Some trivial things about me and you …


Your smile when you reading my message because I know that’s brings you huge transformation in your life. I love when lightness coming to your life with summer breeze wind. I love supporting you because I am growing and fulfilling my life too.

It’s not about…

Reaching a dreams and setting a goals all the time. Sometimes you need to stop and reflect, allow to receive it . Slowing down is the answer for all your questions. You will see more.  

My dream is to …

Support human consciousness to find your own true self, live with your truth and bring more happiness into your life with sustainable energy. Also, to support you with the integration process, combined with both scientific and spiritual tools to help you heal from trauma and navigate your spiritual awakening.

Explore how you can work with me:

1:1 Strategy Session

As your Intuitive Life Coach, Master Biofield clearing Energy Gabriela offers personalized guidance that can immediately be put into action. She explores different solutions that perfectly fit your needs, allowing you to choose what feels right for you. Gabriela will use different modalities suits for your needs so  you become the highest version of yourself, driven by her firm belief that alignment is the ultimate key to success.

If you’re seeking a healthy and fulfilling relationship, he will share valuable tips on how to live more openly and authentically. If you’re wanting to manifest abundance, she will teach you how to cultivate a growth mindset. If you’re struggling to find your purpose, she will provide the clarity and direction needed to illuminate the path to your true calling.

Stop hitting the snooze button! It’s time to take your life to the next level. 

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