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Are Inside of You! 

Sometimes everything seems to be going all right but then you have some uncomfortable days where everything is falling apart. It seems like you get too stressed , overwhelm instead of taking the time to go within to the source of all our answers, our natural instinct seems to run , often times in circles, creating even more chaos in our lives, that’s why you found this website. When you change your inner world then the world outside will change automatically .So don’t wait, you have limited time on this planet Earth.

Are you carrying this feeling like everything is falling apart ?

Are you ready to move forward to a new and better stage in your life?  

Are you ready to rebuild your energy, and find more joy in your life?

Do you feel:


Struggle to find deep alignment with relationships, finances, career, work.


Stressed, burnout ,overwhelmed, struggle to express yourself because you carry shame, guilt, grief.


Struggle with romantic relationship.


Emotions are over the places : feeling unworthy, not strong enough, smart enough, not doing enough.


Have feeling like someone is watching you but you can’t see anyone.


Fears stopping you to move forward and you don’t understand where they come from .


Old contracts, vows, programme which one stopping you to move forward.


 Chronic Fatigued, Not Sleeping well.


 Auto-immune system not working .


Inherited and ancestral patterns limiting you.


Depression, Anxiety, Anger,Frustration or Irritability.


Chronic Aches and Pains, Stiff Joints, Too much EMF exposure.

You’ve come to the right place!

I’m gabriela, and I know exactly how you feel …

 As a Intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and holistic therapist which is what gives me fulfilment of my earth life, I felt this calling to support and encourage other souls with their awaking and transformational process to bring full alignment in their life’s. As a child I found the missing piece of the puzzle to life: LOVE, JOY, UNDERSTANDING and promised myself to unravel this for everyone who is willing to see the BIGGGER PICTURE of their own HAPPY LIFE. As a child I overcame so many challenges and I know now, how to guide you through your struggles and show you the right technique to help. My professionalism is the key to hold a safe space for you; Full calmness and clarity which will give you a relaxed state of MIND, BODY and SPIRT. Then you will easily receive the right messages to all your questions. Share about your WHY, your own experiences and how you can help them. Why are you the right person to help them to overcome their challenges and solve their problems? keep it quite brief for the homepage…


” Gabriela, I have been able to connect and get answers in a way that I would not be able to on my own. It’s allowed me to get my answers and in turn make me stronger in myself. You are truly an amazing soul.
I had so many questions that you facilitated and thought that I am able to deal with my situations and blocks. Of course I had to be ready and willing to deal with the answers but your wisdom and guidance was incredible. I thank you 🙏

Febuary 2024, Kaiz

Explore how you can work with me:

Spiritual Quantum

Medium Healing

Powerful, Intuitive Distance Healing to Transform Your Life

where we can spot-on easily where is a  block without any emotional discomfort

 for the Medium Healing of the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies.




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